1. What is the purpose of the Invisalign GP Summit Shootout?

To recognize the doctor who submits the best overall Invisalign treatment outcome of the year. To be eligible for consideration, treatments need to be submitted under one of the four theme categories listed below.

2. What types of cases can be submitted?

There are four theme categories for the 2019 GP Summit Shootout:

  • Crowding
  • Spacing
  • Interdisciplinary
  • Bonus

Each case entry must be submitted in one of these four categories to quality for the Summit Shootout competition. Entries that are submitted into the “Other” category are ineligible for Summit Shootout consideration, but may qualify for inclusion in the Invisalign Gallery publication associated with the program.

3. Who can participate in this program?

GP doctors in North America (US and Canada) may submit cases into competition.

4. How many entries can each doctor submit?

Each doctor can submit no more than 1 case per theme category (maximum of 4 total). Past years’ submissions, as well as previously published cases, are ineligible.

5. When do doctors need to submit their cases by?

The deadline for all entries is Friday, May 10, 2019. Late submissions will not be considered.

6. How do doctors submit an entry into the program for consideration?

All entries must be submitted online via the Invisalign Gallery Uploader.  A comprehensive how-to guide is available for download to assist with the registration and case submission process.

7. What is required for each entry?

  1. Signed doctor and patient releases (available for download on this site)
  2. Completed online treatment summary form
  3. Before and after records:
    • Intraoral photos: 1 anterior, 2 buccals, and 2 occlusals
    • Extraoral photos: smile, profile, repose (all photos will be de-identified by Align)
    • Radiographs: pano and ceph (optional)
    • Progress photos (optional)

8. How will the Summit Shootout winner be determined?

All submitted treatments will go through an anonymous online voting process by peer GP doctors to determine the 100 top scoring cases. Among the top 100 Semifinalists, the highest scoring case within each theme category will determine the four Finalists who will present at the Invisalign GP Summit in Las Vegas, NV (November 15-16, 2019). Finalists will be notified once all voting has ended. The overall Summit Shootout winner will be determined during the Invisalign Summit Case Shootout event.

9. Who do I contact if I have additional questions?

For any questions or support needed, please email us at: InvisalignGallery@aligntech.com