Multiple crowns
Single implant and crown

Partial loss of tooth
Unsatisfactory restoration
Courtesy of Dr G. Marano, 2023
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Treatment Summary

Patient Information

  • Age: 65
  • Gender: male


  • Partial loss of tooth on 1.6 (UR6)
  • Unsatisfactory restoration on 1.5 (UR5), 1.6 (UR6), 1.7 (UR7)

Total Treatment Visits

  • 8

Treatment planning

First step: I removed the old bridge that spanned from #15 to# 17.
Second step: I placed an implant in the position of #16 and performed root canal treatment on #17. During the second stage of surgery, I placed a healing abutment over the implant and performed an iTero scan. Teeth were then covered with a temporary resin bridge.
Finally, I've placed two single crowns on the teeth and one on the implant.


Initial and final

Before picture of treatment
After picture of treatment
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iTero Scans

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Inicial Finales
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Progress Images

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