Single implant and crown

Complete loss of tooth
Pathological resorption
Unsatisfactory restoration
Courtesy of Dr K. Chiang Yu, 2023
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Treatment Summary

Patient Information

  • Age: 55
  • Gender: female


  • Pathological resorption on 4.5 (LR5)
  • Complete loss of tooth on 4.5 (LR5)
  • Unsatisfactory restoration on 4.5 (LR5)

Total Treatment Visits

  • 6

Treatment planning

Appointment 1: After consultation, she accepted tooth extraction of a deciduous molar to replace it with an implant crown.
Appointment 2: For guided Implant surgery template fabrication, CBCT & iTero oral scan after tooth extraction were taken.
Appointment 3. Nobel Biocare Active Implant RP 5.0 mm diameter X 13 mm was placed with a 6.0 mm diameter healing abutment.
Appointment 4: Wound care & surgery stitches removal after 2 weeks was carried out.
Appointment 5: After 4 months of osseointegration & soft tissue healing period, a scan for final implant-supported crown fabrication was carried out.
Appointment 6: Final crown was seated.


Diagnosis: retained deciduous molar
Chief complaint: The patient couldn't chew on the right side because the primary molar was diagnosed with pathological root resorption


Initial and final

Before picture of treatment
After picture of treatment
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iTero Scans

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Progress Images

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