Single crown
Inlay / Onlay restoration
Multiple crowns
Removable partial denture
Sleep appliance

Complete loss of tooth
Excessive attrition
Faulty restoration
Gingival enlargement
Horizontal alveolar bone loss
Courtesy of Dr J. Renan De Almeida, 2021
Highlighted picture of treatment

Treatment Summary

Patient Information

  • Age: 62
  • Gender: female


  • Excessive attrition on 4.1 (LR1), 4.2 (LR2), 4.3 (LR3), 3.1 (LL1), 3.2 (LL2), 3.3 (LL3)
  • Gingival enlargement on 2.4 (UL4)
  • Horizontal alveolar bone loss on 2.2 (UL2), 2.3 (UL3)
  • Complete loss of tooth on 2.2 (UL2), 2.3 (UL3)
  • Unsatisfactory restoration on 1.1 (UR1), 1.2 (UR2), 1.3 (UR3), 1.4 (UR4), 1.5 (UR5), 2.1 (UL1), 2.4 (UL4)

Total Treatment Visits

  • 5

Treatment planning

- Initial scanning plus photographic protocol for digital planning in Exocad.
- Proof of digital planning with silicone wall and Bisacrylic resin + Composite Resin Restorations on teeth 41,42,43,31,32,33 with increased vertical dimension.
- Preparation of teeth 11,12,14,15,21,24 and 25 plus working scan.
- Proof of zirconia structure in the pontic region of tooth 21 to 24.
- Installation of finished works.


  • The patient arrived at our office with the main complaint of the absence of efficient chewing and low self-esteem due to the smile's aesthetic not being satisfactory.
  • The patient was offered a rehabilitation treatment with the recovery of the lost vertical dimension, rehabilitating the patient with a lithium disilicate facet on tooth 11, lithium disilicate crowns on teeth 12 and 13, lithium disilicate onlay restoration on teeth 15 and 25, Pontic with zirconia structure and lithium disilicate stratification.


Initial and final

After picture of treatment
Before picture of treatment
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iTero Scans

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Initial Final
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Progress Images

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