Summit Shootout Overview

The 2017 Invisalign Gallery Summit Shootout is a live case presentation event sponsored by Align Technology. The program features Invisalign treatment outcomes submitted by general practitioners (GPs) in North America (US and Canada). Doctors with the best treatment outcomes in each of the four Summit Shootout theme categories will be invited to present their case on stage at the annual Invisalign Summit, where the best overall treatment (Shootout Winner) will be determined by live audience voting. For more information about this year's Invisalign Summit, please visit:

Program highlights:

1. The theme categories for the 2017 Summit Shootout competition are:

  • Crowding
  • Spacing
  • Interdisciplinary
  • Teen


Note: Doctors may enter a case into the “Other” category if they do not wish to be considered for the Summit Shootout. However, these cases will be considered for inclusion in the 2017 Invisalign Gallery publication and at the iPad kiosk display at the Invisalign Summit.

2. The four doctors with the top treatment in each of the above Summit Shootout theme categories will be invited to present their case on stage, and will have their Summit conference fees waived once they sign an Align Speakers Agreement contract prior to the event.

3. Doctors who are invited and choose to contribute to our supplemental 3D Digital Library by providing initial and final study models/PVS impressions/iTero scans will receive compensation in the amount of $300 for their associated time and materials. Patients will receive compensation in the amount of $50 for having the additional records taken.

Invisalign Gallery publication:

All Semi-Finalist outcomes (up to 100) will be on display at the 2017 Invisalign Summit and will be included in the 2017 Invisalign Gallery publication.  All Entrants who submit a treatment outcome that is chosen as a Semi-Finalist will receive certificates of participation and a print copy of the 2017 Invisalign Gallery publication.  These cases will also be published on the Global Invisalign Gallery website.

Submission Process

Submission deadline:

All entries must be submitted electronically via the Invisalign Gallery Uploader no later than 5PM PST on Friday, April 28, 2017.  All releases must be received in order to be considered for the Summit Shootout.

Submission requirements:

  1. Completed treatment summary information.
  2. Signed doctor and patient releases, which are available for download on this site.
  3. Initial and final high-quality intraoral and extraoral photos. Progress photos are optional, but recommended if available.
  4. Panoramic films and lateral cephs are optional, but records completeness is considered part of the records quality component of the total score (20%).


Clinical Review and Voting Process

Selection process:

All entries will be reviewed by an independent Clinical Review Committee comprised of GP doctors selected by Align. Each submission will be de-identified for doctor and patient anonymity. The treatment outcomes will be evaluated solely on the before and after photos. Up to 100 treatment outcomes (Semi-Finalists) with the highest average scores will advance to the online peer voting round.

During the online voting process, the de-identified before and after photos, radiographs (if any), and a brief treatment summary of each Semi-Finalist treatment will be posted on a password-protected online voting website owned by Align. GPs experienced with Invisalign will be invited to vote on each of the treatment outcomes on a scale of 1 (worst) to 10 (best) for treatment difficulty (40%), results achieved (40%), and records quality (20%). Doctors who have submitted treatments for consideration are not eligible to vote.

The final composite score is based on the weighted individual components, and the top treatment in each category is determined by the highest average component score.

Shootout presenters:

The four Entrants with the highest composite score in each Summit Shootout theme category will be notified on or after July 17, 2017 and invited to present their case at the Invisalign Summit. In the event that a presenter is unable to attend or does not wish to present, the Entrant with the next highest score in that category will be invited to present. In the event that an Entrant has the top score in more than one category, the Entrant must choose only one treatment outcome to present, and the Entrant with the next highest score in the category released will be invited to present their case.

Entrants who present their treatment outcome at the Summit event will have their Summit conference fees reimbursed, provided they sign a Speaking Agreement prior to the event.

Document Downloads

2017 Invisalign Gallery_Official Program Rules

2017 Invisalign Gallery_FAQ

2017 Invisalign Gallery_Doctor Release

2017 Invisalign Gallery_Patient Release & HIPAA Consent


1. What is the purpose of the Invisalign Gallery Summit Shootout?
To recognize the doctor who submits the best overall Invisalign treatment outcome of 2017. To be eligible for consideration, treatments need to be submitted under one of the four theme categories listed below.

2. What types of cases can be submitted?
There are four theme categories for the 2017 Summit Shootout:

  • Crowding
  • Spacing
  • Interdisciplinary
  • Teen (19 years of age or younger at start of treatment)


Each case entry must be submitted in one of these four categories to quality for the Summit Shootout competition. Entries that are submitted into the “Other” category are ineligible for Summit Shootout consideration, but may qualify for inclusion in the Invisalign Gallery publication associated with the program.

3. Who can participate in this program?
General practitioners (GPs) in North America may submit cases into competition.

4. How many entries can each doctor submit?
Each doctor can submit no more than 1 case per theme category (maximum of 4 total). Past years’ submissions, as well as previously published cases, are ineligible.

5. When do doctors need to submit their cases by?
The deadline for all entries is Friday, April 28, 2017. Late submissions will not be considered.

6. How do doctors submit an entry into the program for consideration?
All entries must be submitted online via the Invisalign Gallery Uploader.  A comprehensive how-to guide is available for download to assist with the registration and case submission process.

7. What is required for each entry?

  1. Signed doctor and patient releases (available for download on this site)
  2. Completed online treatment summary form
  3. Before and after records:

- Intraoral photos - 1 anterior, 2 buccals, and 2 occlusals
- Extraoral photos - smile, profile, repose (all photos will be de-identified by Align)
- Radiographs - pano and ceph (optional)
- Progress photos (optional)

8. How will the Summit Shootout winner be determined?
All submitted treatments will first be screened by an independent Clinical Review Committee chosen by Align. An anonymous online voting process by peer GP doctors will then determine the four finalists who will present their case at the Invisalign Summit in Washington, DC (September 7-10, 2017). Finalists will be notified on or after July 17, 2017. The overall Summit Shootout winner will be determined at the Invisalign Summit event.

9. Who do I contact if I have additional questions?
For any questions or support needed, please email us at:

University Challenge

The Invisalign Gallery University Challenge is closed at this time.  Check back again in 2018 for details on the next program cycle.

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