April 2016

  • To reach a better posterior occlusion I cut the upper aligners distal to the canines to allow extrusion of the posterior teeth. In two weeks I obtained a better posterior occlusion and avoided the need of additional aligners. There was no need to use buttons or elastics.
  • In the end of treatment I used the extra aligners to close spaces in the anterior teeth. There were spaces  distal to the canines, in order to avoid collision points, that could cause intrusion or misalignment of the incisors, I´ve done a small IPR in the incisors only to create weak contact points, so that I closed all spaces together.
  • Despite having a distal diastema of 1.3 and 2.3 I requested an 0.2mm IPR distal to these teeth.  I did not use IPR, the idea is to reach an overcorrection to close the diastema, and thus ensure a stronger point of contact. Due to this I finished the treatment with upper aligner number 15. I did not need to use the last two set of aligners,and no additional aligners were needed.