May 2016

  • This patient was a very shy teenager who was always hiding his smile because of his teeth, and for him braces were not an option.  He saw braces as something that would make him look even worse.
  • The goal was to treat him without any extractions and to align all the teeth and obtain a Class I occlusion with good function.  We knew treatment would be long and the patient was warned that compliance was crucial to achieving excellent results.
  • The results we achieved with this case are stunning.  It is the kind of case that makes you believe that anything can be done with Invisalign and a compliant patient.  The patient was really involved in the success of his treatment and it not only gave him back his smile, but his whole personality changed.  He became confident.  The patient’s last words when we took his final pictures were, “Finally, I’ll be able to put a picture of me smiling on social media…finding a girlfriend is my next goal!”
  • We had the chance to witness this change and, in a way, be a part of it.  It was something that me and my team will forever be grateful for.