Single implant and crown

Partial loss of tooth
Unsatisfactory restoration
Courtesy of Dr P. Apinsathanon, 2022
Highlighted picture of treatment

Treatment Summary

Patient Information

  • Age: 75
  • Gender: male


  • Partial loss of tooth on 4.5 (LR5)
  • Unsatisfactory restoration on 4.6 (LR6)

Total Treatment Visits

  • 2

Treatment planning

  • Appointment 1: The crown on implant in the region of tooth #46 was removed and implant scan bodies were screwed into place in the region of teeth #45 and #46 followed by an initial iTero scan using iTero Element 5D Plus.
  • Appointment 2: On the day of crown placement, the healing abutments were removed and periapical x-Ray was taken to ensure the fitting of the implant abutment and fixture followed by crown placement on teeth #45 and #46. An intraoral scan was taken for the final record.


  • The patient came with a complaint of unrestored implant on tooth #45 and loose crown in region of tooth #46.
  • Periapical and panoramic x-Rays were taken to rule out any peri-implant lesion and to understand the status of the implant.
  • Personally, it is easier to scan the implant scan body one by one when you have to restore implants close to each other.


Initial and final

Before picture of treatment
After picture of treatment
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iTero Scans

初始状态 治疗后
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初始状态 治疗后
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Progress Images

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